About Phillipa

Hey, freaking awesome woman…

I’m Phillipa.

I believe that God put me on this earth to unearth greatness from the hearts and souls of women just like you.

Women, like you.

With a fire in her belly and a message in her heart.

Women, like you.

That are aching inside because they can’t get their message out to those who need to hear it most.

Women, like you.

Who want to teach from her innate gifts and do so from luxury. Because a woman’s gotta have a bit (or a lot) of luxury.

Can you diggit?

You’re a woman that tenses up every time you hear the word mediocre.

Comfortable is the cousin of death – and you have a freaking awesome life to LIVE.

You’re a work hard (but smart), play hard kinda lady.

You’re an AMAZING woman.

But there’s a reason your business (and consequently your life) isn’t where you want it to be yet…

Your Fear Outweighs Your Belief

There’s a fear inside of you.

It builds up every time you put a new creation out there.

It builds up every time you pick up the phone to speak to a prospect.

It builds up every time you tell a friend or family member about “your internet business”.

Am I good enough? Is my stuff good enough? Why aren’t people buying from me? I need to charge more, but who will pay?

So much self-doubt is running through your head, that YOU are in your own way.

You want what you want. You want it bad. But you can’t have it unless you…

get out of your way



Professional-ish Bio

Phillipa Wirangi wants to live in a world where women are fucking relentless when it comes to what they want and TRUE, ALIGNED messages are spread far and wide.

She's a big believer in having it ALL and hates to settle for anything less than what she's destined for.

Phillipa is a straight-talking, tell it like it is woman who inspires clients and her community, to LIVE a life balls to the wall and to turn Beast Mode ON.

When she’s not kicking her own ass and conquering her own limiting beliefs, you will find her creating EPIC shit for clients.
You will also find her running around after her 3 sons and lifting weights.


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