Your Dreams Are Patient. But Life Is Not.

Your dreams are calling you. They’re getting louder, Louder, LOUDER. They’re shouting at you now. PURSUE ME. LIVE ME. You hear them. You really do. And you want to go forth and conquer, However, you don’t. You just, can’t move for some reason. You try to. And then you pull back. Your fear grabs hold…

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How About You Just Admit How Fucking Cool You Are And Stop Being A Mediocre Bitch About Your Life!!!

It’s hard being cool as fuck. It takes practice 😉 What’s even harder is being a cool as fuck woman that is driven and successful and thinks she’s a genius most of the time and loves reading her stuff back over and over again because it’s gold. I feel like I’ve gotten to a point…

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DreamBig Podcast – Regan Hillyer

What really intrigued me about Regan Hillyer, is that she doesn’t have a rags to riches story, she hasn’t been through a super traumatic experience, she grew up in a loving and comfortable environment, went to University to qualify as an architect and if she had stuck that out, she still would have been rich and successful.

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DreamBig Podcast – Christopher John Stubbs

I interview a lot of Warrior Women. Now, it’s time for a Limitless Man. In this episode of the #DreamBig Podcast I speak with Christopher John Stubbs from Ascension, coach and mentor for business owners who want to go all in in business and life and create a truly epic life in every area of…

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DreamBig Podcast – Becky Fucking Dickson

It’s not every day that you get you to rub shoulders (even if it’s just virtual shoulders) with a superstar. Well, actually, I’m finding that it’s becoming commonplace for me. When I made the commitment a couple weeks ago that I was going to interview super high influencer’s for my podcast, one of the first people that popped up…

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