5 Signs You Need to Invest in a Content Strategy

Many Small Business and Entrepreneurs view creating a content strategy as just an ‘option’ to getting leads, subscribers, clients and building trust with their followers.

When really, content is the only option.

Content is the heart and soul of the Internet and your online business. And while most begin blogging because they see everyone else doing it or have been told it’s something they need to do, they really have no rhyme or reason for the content they’re producing.

Here a 5 signs you’re wasting your time creating content.


You don’t create content for your blog consistently or…

You spend far too long thinking about what to write.consistency
Most of us start out for the first few weeks creating content like there’s no tomorrow.

Ideas are abundant and creativity is flowing but then the enthusiasm begins to wane as you juggle everything else that needs to be handled in your business.

A content strategy can easily turn your juggling act into a first class production by creating a core focus for future content.

By consistently creating content for your blog you’re giving your visitors and search engines a reason to return – daahh.

It also gives you a chance to display your expertise and help your readers to know, like and trust you so they’ll be more inclined to say yes to your services or offerings.

You really have no excuse for not creating content consistently because there are so many blogging tools out there that can and will help you to make the process of creating content easier.


You create content to be consumed by the entire population of the world

Aside from not creating content at all, this is one of the biggest signs you need a content strategy.

Not everyone is going to love what you’re creating, and believe me, it’s better that way.

Once you know and understand who you serve, you can then plan and focus your content around them so they can get to know you, like you and trust you.


Your message is rather confusing

confused smileyThe fastest way to lose the attention of your visitors is to jump from one message to the next.

Just as you need to isolate a specific section of the population to market to, you also need to do that with your messaging.

Your product or service might solve many problems – and it should – but you need to bring your excitement down a notch and focus on just one.

By creating a content strategy, you can create a seamless flurry of content with a solid message. By presenting simple solutions and in their language, your readers can make a decision and move faster through your sales process.


Your content has no purpose

You describe your approach to publishing your content as ‘hit or miss’. A.K.A Hope Marketing. Content without purpose is a pointless business to be in.

A content strategy gives you a clear understanding of how each piece intertwines with each other to create a whole body of work that works together to solidify your message, place you as the go-to-person and meet your business goals.


Your promotion plan only consists of publishing great content and tweeting it a couple of times.

I hate to break it to you but that is not the type of promotion that get’s noticed.
Why spend so much time creating epic content if you’re not going to promote it to as many people as possible?

A promotional plan is 80% of your content strategy and will help you to get your content into the hands of many.

If your content strategy is minimal to non-existent then I encourage you to join us for our upcoming social media & blogging webinar where you’ll learn how to create better content and promote it smarter while driving leads and making sales authentically.

Over to you know, tell me in the comments below, what does your content strategy look like and how has it been working for you?

About The Author

Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing mentor that teaches female coaches, mentors and consultants "How To Make Love To Their Clients" and create a business that gives them freedom. Get the worksheet here to get clear on your ideal client.

  • victoria m.

    Reason #1–check, #3–check, #4–check… Thanks for sharing this, I think I really do need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to my content strategy (or lack thereof). Will your webinar be recorded in case I cannot participate at that particular time and date? 🙂

    • PhillipaKiripatea

      Hey Victoria, this one won’t be recorded, but register anyway and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can apply for a free marketing strategy session with myself or Theressa. We’ve got 12 of these available for peeps that can’t make the webinar but still want to get some help. We can also help you plan your content strategy on the call xx

      Oh, and we’ve also got a video training series we send out before the webinar, so getting those vids alone will be a big help 🙂

      • victoria m.

        Thanks for the resources!! It is MUCH appreciated 🙂

        • Glad it was helpful Victoria x

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing Theressa! I’ve been guilty of a combination of these and likely need to do more of #5. I’m looking forward to learning your tips on promoting your content!

    • Thanks Anne! I’ve been guilty of all of these myself hehe! And you know what? Almost all newbies take a bit of time to ‘get’ that content + promotion are the name of the game. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you x

  • Farah Siddiqui

    Great tips! The universe keeps sending me reminders to do this haha!! Am signing up to the webinar!

    • Haha! The universe works in mystery ways dunit 😉 Look forward to seeing you there Farah

  • Yes! Consistency is everything, isn’t it? Thanks for these tips. Really good advice here.

    • Thanks Lane. Consistency sure is!

  • Janine

    Love your point about having a target audience. I try to make sure every blog post I write has a clear goal and that all of my content is directed at my specific readership. And I also appreciate your point about promoting your content–it’s true that just because you write it, people won’t show up! I like to re-post old blogs on social media with a “Retro” or “Vintage” disclaimer, and not just at the time of publishing it. Great post!

  • Laura Vermont

    Your point about needing to promote your content is spot on – so many bloggers create fantastic content, but then they forget to promote it. Or they avoid promoting it, as they find ‘marketing’ overwhelming (which is a real shame, as all marketing is is making sure the people who would benefit from your message actually get to see it).