How About You Just Admit How Fucking Cool You Are And Stop Being A Mediocre Bitch About Your Life!!!

It’s hard being cool as fuck.
It takes practice 😉

What’s even harder is being a cool as fuck woman that is driven and successful and thinks she’s a genius most of the time and loves reading her stuff back over and over again because it’s gold.

I feel like I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I really love me. Like FULLY. OBSESSED. In love with myself.

I’m flawless, but, I didn’t wake up like this.

I was once a mediocre bitch. Which is why I know exactly what a mediocre bitch looks like and what she does and am so hard on women that I know have the potential to be cool as fuck too but continue to fuck around and settle for less than what they’re capable of.

I didn’t know who I was then. I didn’t know that I could actually be this awesome, it just seemed impossible for me because really, who in their right mind would truly stand up and say they’re a genius and fully mean it, not just pretend as a joke.

When I became an adult, I entered into it with preconceived beliefs about myself and about the world that hurt me. Hurt my soul, my confidence, my heart, my being.
I fell into relationships because I believed that I needed others to help me feel good about myself, happy, fulfilled. I jumped when I was told to, I cowered in the corner when I was threatened, I lowered my voice and hid.
Granted, it was all patterns that I learnt through childhood, so I continued them and just carried on because that’s all I knew. That’s all I was. That’s all I would ever be.

And that was all true. Every single bit of it.

Until I decided that enough was enough.

That it was time for me to stand for myself, and create someone new.
I’d always dreamed of being someone else. I’d always dreamed of not being me, and being someone totally different.


In my mind, that wasn’t me.

I settled within myself and although there were many times I “tried” to achieve even one of those things, I would get halfway and then decide I wasn’t good enough to go all in so I retreated.
Over and over again.

I wanted it, but I didn’t want it.

I wanted it. Yes. I wanted it.
I just didn’t know what it took to get it.

I didn’t know of the work I had to do to achieve it.
I was trying to do the external work, the pushing, the grinding… which is good, of course. Practical action is very important.

But I was missing something, a piece of the puzzle that couldn’t be completed until that piece was there.
I continued to feel like I was playing dress up, not embodying the person I was trying to be but standing up on stage, as this other person, and not going all in on the role, only half committing so getting booed off the stage.

I couldn’t see clearly what was real and what wasn’t. It was all a blur. I couldn’t make sense of anything. So dipped in and out of my current reality and the reality I wanted to be true.

I had to get the fuck over myself.
First thing.
Do away with the bullshit I fed myself, with the insecurity of being seen, I mean, if I wanted to be famous then I’d need to be SEEN, right?
I needed to be seen as the me that goes all in, the one that does the work in every area of her life and fucking commits.
The half ass needed to go.

When I look back at the insecurities and fears I once had, around speaking up, owning who I am, admitting that I actually know what I’m talking about, I truly think they are so fucking stupid.

I let so many opportunities pass me by because I didn’t want people to think I was up myself because I wanted to put my hand up for them.

When my son almost drowned in December, my world was turned upside its head.
I suddenly woke up.

There was no room for mediocrity anymore and I felt like an asshole for pulling back every time I was almost where I wanted to be in any area of my life.
I mean, there’s a baby, my baby struggling for life and I’m being a scared bitch about being judged?

Come on.

Get the fuck over yourself.

And so the decision was made and solidified.

I was no longer a mediocre bitch.
I was now

Cool as fuck.
Hot as fuck.
Sexy as fuck.

Because I am whatever I say I am.

Decision made.

And the internal work begun.

Over and over and over again, drilling into my psyche that this is me now.

I’m a hot and cool and sexy as fuck, VIFP badass that has it going on in every area of her life!

Even just the admitting of THAT, without doing any other work, but affirming it for myself was POWERFUL.

Digging in deeper, daily, it became very clear to me that this stuff was the secret to ultimate happiness.

I committed to doing the work in every area of my life.

I now have a muscly and sexy body.
I now make over $20K a month in my business, which grows to $100K a month in the next 12 months.
I now have amazing friendships with friends I don’t have to settle for and are just as cool as me.
I am now so in love with myself that I don’t need to rely on someone else to love me.
I now run a super successful business doing exactly what I want to do.
I now have an awesome team in my business and support in my personal life.
I now work only with the best mentor in the world at the highest level. (Kat Loterzo, pictured)
I now only have badass clients that I love.
I now only get whatever I want.

This is my life now.
It happened pretty fucking quickly from the moment I made the decision that that’s what my normal is.

I’ve had to make some hard decisions to create it – like disconnect with people that no longer contribute meaningful connections, decline friendships, decline opportunities that take me away or distract me from my ultimate goals, limit communication with some family members, admit what I really want in life even if I’m going to be judged for it or for the way I journey through it.

Here’s something I’ve learnt…

People are going to judge me in any situation.
The only way I’m going to win is if I just do and be what is right for me.

I’m not going to lie, I still get upset about the judgment sometimes, but I just don’t sit with it for too long anymore. I don’t take it personally anymore.

What I do instead is re-affirm to myself what is actually true.

Here’s a direct excerpt from my journalsnapchat thisismenow

I am unstoppable
I am fearless
I am unfuckwithable
I am unapologetic
I am fierce
I am powerful
I am rich
I am abundant
I am making an impact
I am making a difference
I am powerful
I am loving
I am generous
I am energetic
I am creative
I am a fucking badass
I am a genius
I am cool as fuck
I am hot and sexy as fuck
I am a VIFP

I go over and over again until I feel that it’s true once again. And then I continue to do what I want and get everything I want.

This is how I choose for my life to be like now. It’s what’s normal for me.
It’s normal for me to be best friends with millionaires.
It’s normal for me to have high level clients.
It’s normal for me to scale up to $100K a month cash received.
It’s normal for me to party in 5 star hotels with the most powerful women in the world.
It’s normal for me to be in love with myself.
It’s normal for me to help clients upgrade their lives.
It’s normal for me to be super fun.

And so going through this journey, and being at this place where there is absolutely a lot of hard times but choosing to continue to focus on what I want to see happen, and then seeing others live out their lives where they’re just existing, or they’re wanting to get to THIS place but are fearful for whatever reason…

I just feel like shaking sense into them. Into you.

I do get it though, why you choose to not own your power and become the mighty fucking Queen that you were born to be.
Because it is hard.
It’s so much easier to settle and to stick to what is “normal”.
You don’t have to kick people out of your life that you no longer vibe with, and you can continue hanging out with them, being in their environment and daily have to put up with their crap. But hey, at least you don’t have to offend them by cutting them out of your life.
You can continue to surround yourself with them, and close up the space for anyone that actually likes you for you. Because hey, who really likes you anyway, right?
You can continue to live on a budget, not increase your earning potential and keep your financial earnings so you’re only just making enough to cover the bills, if you’re lucky. Who needs to have the ability to make money whenever they want it. Not you, right?
Heck, keep on disliking or even hating your body while you’re at it! I mean, you only have to live with it and look at it every single day. It’s so much easier to pick at the things you don’t like than to actually do anything about it.

It’s easy to not like who you are, it’s easy to let others walk over you, it’s easy to be passed by, it’s easy to hide away, it’s easy to dim your light.

It’s hard being a motherfucking superstar that OWNS her power.
It actually takes work.
Deep work.

But hey, if you’re OK to continue the struggle for the rest of your life, by all means, go ahead.
But if you’re fucking over that shit.
You know you’re being a mediocre bitch and then you need to step up your game, then fuck…

Do it!

This is my call to you, a call to arms, a call to all the boss ladies that KNOW that they deserve more, they want more, they

The hardest part is admitting to yourself.

“YES. I want it all. I don’t want to settle and sacrifice!!! I want everything FFS!!!”

Because you don’t want to be a Diva and high maintenance and seem unappreciative of what you do have.

But fuck. Why do you have to go through hardship to be able to appreciate the good stuff?
Why can’t you just appreciate the good stuff and that’s it? Without the hardship?
Without the bullshit?

Note: Hardship and hard stuff are two different things! Hard stuff gets easier as you get over yourself and work on it more, hardship is straight hardship.

It’s not about pretending that the shit stuff in your life isn’t there, or just dropping people like flies if they don’t live up to our standards, because not every situation is black and white. There are different shades in everything and different processes to go though.

What it’s about, is dealing with all that stuff, working it out, figuring it out, while at the same time giving yourself what you need, continuing to shed layers of yourself and become a fucking badass motherfucker, like the Queen that you are, owning your power and delivering your unapologetic energy into the world.

Life is way too short to fuck around, to be a mediocre bitch, to not go after what you want and not open up to receive what you need.

It’s time to upgrade, uplevel, ele-fucking-vate every single area of your life, become stronger in yourself so you can immediately identify the bullshit and do what you need to do to cut that out and attract only what serves you to your highest level.

You’re going to need to declutter.
Your clothes, your relationships, your friendships, your limiting beliefs, your collection of old shoes.
It’s going to be challenging.
Above all, it’s going to be the best thing you ever did.

When you upgrade yourself, and you step up into a higher level of yourself, your life transforms. Almost instantly. As you soon as you make the decision even and you commit to it.

And you now see yourself as

Cool as fuck.
Hot as fuck.
Sexy as fuck.

And no longer as someone that half commits, so doesn’t get the results.

Now is as good a time as any, right? Or actually, the perfect time, to step up and claim that you, beautiful Queen, are the ruler of your world, dominates your life, takes charge, gets what you want and lives as the badass woman you always have been…

So I invite you, right now, to join me in taking action on that.
The internal action as well as the external action.


Upgrade Me!

30 Days To Sexy As Fuck, Hot, VIFP Badass!

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What’s going to happen when you commit to upgrading your life and being cool as fuck???

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I know women like you. You’re like me. You don’t “settle”. But you have been settling, and you hate it. You want out! You want to stand up and shout and scream and get everything you want!

The time is now to claim that, and to do that.

This isn’t for you though if you’re not 100% committed to yourself. Which is really fucking stupid if you’re not, because… fuck. This is YOUR life.
Like any big change.
You’ve gotta want it, fully.
You’ve gotta want to do the work, and know that some things you’re just not going to be comfortable with, and you’re going to be fearful about.
But hey, staying in your comfort zone is what got you to where you are now, right? It’s not going to get you to where you want to go.

What I want to know, and what that part of you that you’ve been keeping locked up inside of you that knows you’re meant to be doing more, being more, having more, wants to know is…

Are you going to get the fuck over yourself?
Are you going to commit?
Are you going to upgrade your life?


Let’s do it.

Upgrade Me!
30 Days To Sexy As Fuck, Hot, VIFP Badass starts soon.

Want the details?
Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll send you the full overview!

Phillipa xx

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