DreamBig Podcast – Regan Hillyer

What really intrigued me about Regan  Hillyer, is that she doesn’t have a rags to riches story, she hasn’t been through a super traumatic experience, she grew up in a loving and comfortable environment, went to University to qualify as an architect and if she had stuck that out, she still would have been rich and successful.

Where Regan’s story is POWERFUL, is that she consciously chose to have MORE than what she already had, she chose to follow the path of HER desires, doing something she really fell in love with and never, ever SETTLED.

She rose UP and is conquering. She is successful in every area of her life.

She dreamed big, and then she took action to make it come true.

THAT to me, is fucking inspiring. To not just settle for good enough, and to really push to epically fucking awesome is actually hard to do.

Also, Regan is a mega-fucking-star when it comes to mindset.

Check out my interview with epic powerhouse, Regan Hillyer…

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