Your Dreams Are Patient. But Life Is Not.

Your dreams are calling you.
They’re getting louder, Louder, LOUDER.
They’re shouting at you now.
You hear them.
You really do.
And you want to go forth and conquer,
However, you don’t.

You just, can’t move for some reason.
You try to.
And then you pull back.
Your fear grabs hold of you.
It pulls you and tugs you and pushes you away from your dreams.

The voices start in your head.
“You can’t be that woman. That woman has everything. You’re not allowed to have everything. You belong here. Your life is meant to be a struggle. Who do you think you are, anyway? You don’t deserve that.”

The voices start getting louder now.
Louder than your dreams.
They BOOM.
And you believe them.
You believe the voices of fear, doubt, unworthiness.

And your dreams
You dreams
They slip further and further away.
They quieten down as they’re shoved to the side.
They never fully go away though
They sit.
And wait.

They wait until you’re ready to pursue them.
Patiently until you decide that now’s the time.
Now’s the time you’re going to finally give them a chance to show you what life is like when they’re in play.
When you’re going to discover how amazing life is when you’re living your dreams.
When you’re owning your power and being the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Your dreams are patient.
But life is not.

If you’re ready to live the life you were born for, by pursuing your dreams and becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be but had been denying yourself the right,

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About The Author

Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing mentor that teaches female coaches, mentors and consultants "How To Make Love To Their Clients" and create a business that gives them freedom. Get the worksheet here to get clear on your ideal client.