You’re A Coach Not A Lifeguard – Quit Rescuing!

It happens to me every single time I get a breakthrough.


You are not on Baywatch

My inner awesome decides to test me, to check if I’m really having a breakthrough, or if I’m just kidding myself.

Case in point: In March this year I had a massive breakthrough in my business. I refined my ideal client even more, I created a new Freaking Awesome program, and I made the decision that I’m going to stick to my non-negotiables – main one being I’m not going to try to “rescue” clients. And to do that, I’m not going to work with anyone that needs rescuing.

So I did that. And I attracted some amazing clients.

And then one week in April, when I was aiming to get 2 new Freaking Awesome clients in my program, something… not so ideal happened.

A flurry of drowning prospects came at me

Somehow, 5 prospects got through my sales funnel that shouldn’t have.

I swear they must have been blind or deaf or something. Because I have no idea how they could have gotten through without thinking “hang on, this isn’t for me” and closing the consult page instead of filling it out and pressing submit.

If this happened in January or February, I would have been a happy girl and would have welcomed them all into my program.

But I didn’t. I spoke to two of them, got a headache and decided not to call the other 3.

Why didn’t I let them in my program?

Because they weren’t the clients I wanted to serve anymore.

Each one of these prospects were either on their last tether and this was their last hurrah before they went and got a job because they needed money to pay the bills, or they were just starting out in business and wanted me to help them get started with business names, logos and business cards (and if you’ve read my blogs in the past, you KNOW that I’m not the one to talk to about business cards).

Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Or there was one lady that had contacted me in November last year and explained to me via email her unique situation (cue life story). I knew there was know way I wanted to deal with that so I asked her a few discovery questions and said to her that before I can help her, she needs to do some stuff herself first.

Fast forward to May and she emailed me again. Still in the same situation, and hadn’t taken action on ANYTHING I suggested to her. She wanted me to rescue her.

But if you can help, why not just do it?

Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

This is where I believe most coaches and mentors begin to self destruct.I will lead not rescue

When they are trying to help those clients that are obviously hard to work with, because they want to be of service. They want to be generous and they believe that they can rescue them.

I used to think that too.

And that kinda thinking caused me to spend more time on those types of clients than I did with my ideal clients that get shit done when and how they’re supposed to.

That kinda thinking caused me to have to write off 3 clients (even though I spent 10x more time with them than my clients who did get amazing results).


But that kinda thinking also led me to my breakthrough. Where now, I can recognise the prospects that want rescuing before I even get on the phone with them. And now, I can educate you through my breakthrough so that you (hopefully) don’t have to go through serving those clients like I did.

You’re here to coach and mentor through your innate gifts to clients whom are worthy and are ready to work with you.

Because they’re not all worth it.

So the next time your inner awesome decides to test you by throwing a few headaches at you, politely decline. Because you have Freaking Awesome clients to serve.


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Phillipa Kiripatea

Phillipa Kiripatea is a marketing mentor that teaches female coaches, mentors and consultants "How To Make Love To Their Clients" and create a business that gives them freedom. Get the worksheet here to get clear on your ideal client.

  • Marquita Herald

    Oh my I can SO relate to your story Phillipa! For over a decade I was a life and small business coach and understand all too well about the place you’re working so hard to get to. I quit coaching but last year fell back onto that slippery slope when I found myself mentoring several first time authors. It started out innocently enough but before I knew it they were sucking the life out of me – one young man from Canada was emailing 10 times a day! I managed to ween them all away without hurting anyone but I’ve learned my lesson … again.

  • Nancy Shields

    Having abundance consciousness versus scarcity consciousness is what this is all about – I get it and thank you for sharing your words of encouragement.

  • Pat Campbell

    That is amazing work to come to the place no matter what business you’re in to be sure of yourself in the targeted niche you are here to serve. It removes the scarcity mentality and attracts ideal clients. Then the work gets fun. Thanks for sharing.