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Women Entrepreneurs Wanted!!

Not just any woman entrepreneur though. One that is freaking awesome and so bloody impatient she runs around like a chook with its head cut off getting so much stuff done.

You know, the woman that juggles everything in the air, and sometimes drops a couple balls but most of the time has her shit together. Well, almost!


You’re a fucking awesome woman that knows it.

You’ve always known it, and everyone is finally starting to catch on.


You’re a born leader.

You were always the captain of sports teams, and if you weren’t you really wanted to be.

You’re a high achiever, and although being a high achiever makes you sad sometimes when you haven’t achieved as much as you’ve wanted to, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You love to be the best at everything you do.

You work for it. You hustle for it.

And you secretly love it when someone comes along that’s almost as good as you; because it means you have someone else to compete against other than yourself.


You have an adventurous spirit.

You thrive on excitement.

Menial jobs don’t do it for you.

You’ve tried them. Receptionist? Hell no. Waitress? Puhleaze!

You really don’t get how some women seem to have “admin duties” as something they love to do. How boring can you get?


You’re a born entrepreneur.

It’s in your blood.

When you found out that you could work for yourself without having to “work your way up the ladder and into the CEO’s chair”, you were all on it like white on rice.

You were Googling for nights on end about how to start your own business as an entrepreneur.

And when you finally did, it was like you were free.


You quit your boring ass job and stepped out on the adventure of your life.


You knew that being an entrepreneur is an unstable gig. Especially when you’re first starting out.

You had to use money that your husband works so hard for to fund your dream. Sometimes you told him, sometimes you just took it.


But looking back on it, it was worth it.

Because now you are so damn close to living your dream life.

You’re where you’re at right now because you’ve worked so fucking hard to get there.

You’ve been up at 2am hustling. You’ve handled juggling kids, husband, sports, business, your emotions, your family, your friends.

You’re pretty much Superwoman.


You love what you do.

You love your business.

You love what it represents.


It represents freedom. And that’s pretty much all anyone wants.

The freedom to do whatever it is you want to do.

Want to take off on an impromptu getaway? Sure, go for it! You’ve designed your business the way it is so you can do it!

Want to head to the shops for no apparent reason and come home with $500 less in your wallet? Sure, go for it! You’ve got more money coming in this week.


You work your ass off to set your life up the way you want.


But some people don’t get that.


“Hey wanna go for a coffee today?” No sorry, gotta get this sales page up.

“How about tomorrow?” No sorry, got client calls tomorrow.

“How about the next day?” I’ll get back to you.


And then they call you a workaholic.


“You’re always on the computer”.

“You’re on Facebook all day”.

“Why are you always talking to people?”


You know what you’re doing. You’re not just on the computer for the sake of it.

You’re on it to work. And make shit happen.


You’re a work hard play hard kinda girl.

You’ll work your ass off for a period of time and then take a break doing things that YOU want to do. To make YOU happy.

But you know, that when you’re on that break, you’re thinking about work, or checking emails on your phone.


But it’s only because you love it so damn much!


The thrill of it is tantalising!!!


So you don’t really care if you’re called a workaholic.

You don’t really care if you lose people in your life because they don’t like that you’re always working.


You’re a bit selfish like that. OK. A lot selfish like that.


But what’s a girl to do?


Run her life the way she wants to and be completely and utterly happy?

OR care what other people think about her and say to her and do they want you to do so they’re happy and you’re not?


You’re a tough girl. And you can live with your consequences.


You know that the consequences of running a freaking awesome entrepreneurial business the way you want to run it and living your life the way you want to live it is only going to mean one thing.


That your day of GLORY, when everything is going to go so RIGHT and YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT BIG, is just around the corner.


And when you do make it big, everyone is going to ask how you did it.

They’re going to be staring at you in awe as you’re on stage speaking in front of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.


You know that success is a given for you.

There has never been a doubt in your mind that you may fail.

You’ve tripped up at few times, you stumble here and there, you’ve even had a couple of major breakdowns. But you always know that after every breakdown is a breakthrough. So you actually look forward to the breakdowns.

You know that if you quit during a breakdown, that is failing.


So you don’t quit.

Never say die is your motto.

You pick yourself back up off the floor, dust off your shoulders and carry on.


And that’s what people love about you.

You inspire them to do the same.

You inspire them to hold themselves to a higher standard and to never give up on themselves.

You inspire change in so many even if you may not know it.

There are women out there right now, before you’re even super famous, that are watching you and are inspired by your every move.


And they are the people you do this for.

For yourself, yes. For your family yes. But also for those women that need you.

They need you to be you, so they can be them.


You lead them to their greatness.


And you’re so ready to lead more women.

You’re ready to step up to the plate and give it all you’ve got.

You’re ready to be there for the thousands of women that need you.


You weren’t put on this earth to be mediocre.

No freaking way are you mediocre.

You were put on this earth to be freaking awesome, do freaking awesome, have freaking awesome.


You were put on this earth to be a millionaire.

Truly, you were.


Because you know that being a millionaire means you can be, do and have absolutely everything you’ve ever wanted.


You want to give back. You have a huge heart to help those in need. And you’ve always wanted to start a charity of some sort.

You want to set your family up for an awesome life. Around the world trips and experiences that only a few ever experience.

You want to not have to worry about money anymore for the rest of your days. And neither do your kids.

You want to be influential and speak around the world.

You want it all.


And you have a huge belief in abundance. You know that wanting to be a millionaire isn’t greedy. Because there is so much to go around everyone could be millionaires if they took action to make it happen.


You’re a pretty unique woman.

You know that everything happens for a reason.


You’re a hustler baby.

You make it happen.


You started your business to have it all.

You’re a rebel.


They told you you had to get a job. And then they told you that you had to be a stay at home mum.


“Fuck that!” You said.


“I’ll do it my way.”


You forged your path and started living your dream.

You’re a hustler baby.


There have been people that have tried to stand in your way. That have put you down and called you a fraud.


You rose above them. No one is getting in your way.

You’ve always had a yearning for being more, doing more and having more.


You’re tapping into your God-given innate gifts to unearth your purpose.

Your purpose to change the lives of those who are suffering, because they don’t have the knowledge you have.


The knowledge you will impart on them to give them the confidence, belief, tools and strategies to uplevel their lives, while upleveling yours too.


You’re not afraid of success. Failure, yes. But you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve got this. And failure isn’t welcome.


You embrace money. But money is not simply money to you. Money equals fun, good times, enjoyable experiences and luxury.


And you, are a Money Maker. You make it happen. You hustle, you grind, you get it done.


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